"It was a fun and relaxing bonding experience. I would recommend (Itsy Bitsy Yoga) to other mothers with infants."    
           J. Ross, Beverly

"The combination of yoga movements and stories are a natural outgrowth from children's interest in the world around them. We look forward to having Annika back soon!"

Y. Coleman, Winchester Children's Librarian

My child had more flexion and range of motion. Her balance has improved and she is also gaining strength. She is learning about the importance of relaxation. I like that this yoga (Adaptive Yoga) incorporates, stretching, balance and relaxation and its also fun for my child.

        G. Phaneuf, Ipswich

"Mom, I love YogaPlay!  Is today my yoga day?"

        Hannah, age 5

Children with autism, who don't otherwise express themselves are finding ways to express themselves through yoga. My son Dana now has more body awareness. When I show other parents of autistic children a picture of Dana doing the tree pose, they are amazed. Yoga is opening a whole new world for the children at our center.
        D. McCoy-Algere, Director of Boston Families for Autism

"I highly recommend Annika's Yoga workshops for childhood teachers and parents."  

        S. Caplan, Director of Hollow Reed School, Boston

"I feel grateful for all my daughter is being introduced to, especially the breathing and quiet practice mixed with all the fun of being animals, trees, birds, stars, moons, and the sun."

        S. White, Magnolia

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