YogaPlay Classes

At YogaPlay, we honor and employ the YogaKids® philosophy of educating children. In agreement with Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory, we understand and nuture the diverse ways children learn. YogaKids® is an interdisciplinary program that honors and respects the whole child. It is a body based system where yoga is the springboard for teaching children exercise, creative arts, science, ecology & health.

Parent & Child Yoga (Parents/caregivers & ages 4-6)

Pre-school Yoga class (Ages 3-5)

YogaPlay (Ages 6-10)

Yoga for Teens (Ages 11-14)

Family Fun Yoga (Ages 5 & up)

YogaPlay Adaptive Yoga(all ages)

During Sessions...
  • Children are guided on a journey of self-discovery.
  • We engage in playful yoga poses, animated breathing exercises and imaginative relaxation & meditation activities.
  • We provide children with an exciting new way to explore their creative potential of their bodies and minds.
  • We even include the whole family so parents and children discover how to relax and have FUN together! Through music, movement, crafts, games, storytelling, laughter and silence, all children discover they can shine naturally!

  • Develops flexibility, strength, coordination body awareness.
  • Improves concentration, creativity and cultivates calmness and relaxation.
  • Children connect more deeply with their inner self develop a healthy relationship with the world around them.
  • Parents/teachers and their children learn how to release stress before it erupts into unmanageable behavior.
  • Parents/teachers and their children discover how to relax and have FUN together!

Itsy Bitsy YogaTM Classes

Itsy Bitsy YogaTM introduces your baby and you to the many benefits of yoga in the first years of life. Helen Garabedian, a Infant Development Movement Educator and Yoga Teacher created this program which includes more than 75 yoga poses and techniques for babies 3 weeks to 24 months old that are developmentally nutriitious and deepen the parent/child bond.

BABY class ( 3 weeks to pre-crawling)

A calming and nurturing yoga class where parents learn to help thier babies unfold their motor skills, sleep better, feel happier, and digest with ease. Get to know your baby better and enjoy the community of other growing families.

TOTS class (Almost crawling to 24 months)

A supportive, fun-loving, and active yoga practice for busy tots. Continue bonding with your child as you help them feel comfortable in their moving body, develop self-confidence, and encourage their creative spirit. Experience the shared joy and delight when tots move into yoga poses on their own.

  • Promotes parent and baby relaxation and bonding.
  • Helps your baby sleep longer and better.
  • Calms a fussy or crying baby almost immediately utilizing the Itsy Bitsy Yoga Magic PosesSM.
  • Creates a supportive, holistic parenting community.
  • Gives you a better understanding of your child's development movements through the exploration of yoga and Baby PaceSM.
  • Encourages your child to develop a healthy body, happy confident awareness, and creative spirit.
  • Teaches you and exclusive collection of Itsy Bitsy YogaTM Rhymes.
  • Fosters nurturing and memorable moments in and outside of class with Itsy Bitsy Yoga 's Sing & DoSM technique.

Speciality Classes/Workshops

Adaptive Yoga:One-on-one yoga sessions for infants & children with special needs, mentally and physically challenged as well as ADD/ADHD. Anne uses her many years of holistic and yoga trainings to create a comforting setting where children become more aware of their bodies, learn to relax through deep breathing and visualization techniques, and develop self-love as they develop confidence to move their body through yoga stretches in a fun way.

Beginner's Gentle Yoga: This class for adults emphasizes stress reduction, deep breathing, gentle postures, relaxation & meditation. Yoga strengthens the body, increases stamina and energy, reduces stress, and brings inner peace. It is an ancient method of balancing mind, body and spirit.

Staff Development for Teachers/Parent Workshop: A 2 hour experiential program which combines stress management and wellness for teachers of children through a gentle yoga class and fun yoga techniques to create harmony in the classroom. Can also be adapted for parent workshops.

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